Mehmet Ali Alpergün

Mehmet Ali Alpergün

Software Developer, Gaming Enthusiast

About me

As a seasoned software developer with seven nine of experience, I am deeply committed to crafting highly valuable applications that meet the diverse needs of users. Throughout my career, I've demonstrated a track record of creating enduring applications that remain relevant and impactful. My expertise extends to designing and developing robust back-end applications using .NET Core, as well as building responsive and scalable online solutions with Angular and React.js.

In addition, I possess practical knowledge of Kubernetes and Docker, leveraging these technologies to deploy and manage production-level applications effectively. I advocate for and implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices, having successfully established CI/CD pipelines across multiple projects.

My areas of specialization encompass front-end and back-end programming, real-time web functionality, microservices architecture, and containerization. Thriving in dynamic, team-oriented environments, I am always eager to embrace new challenges and adapt to emerging methodologies.